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Forts and Fights ~ The Saga Continues

Row House, Hallowell’s Historical Society is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of its founding this year with a series of programs highlighting the founding, growth and development of the riverside city. The saga began with a tour of the geologic foundations from the dawn of time.  Next was an engaging snapshot of 12,000 years of human habitation in the Kennebec watershed. Now follow the construction of the four forts that enabled the development of the settlement that became Hallowell.

The guide for this stage in the adventure is Linda Novak, the Director of Fort Western in Augusta, the nation’s oldest wooden fort. Hallowell once included many of the communities in the surrounding area until growing pains resulted in divisions. Learn of the construction and conflicts during the presentation Tuesday, May 21 beginning at 6:30PM in the Hallowell City Hall Auditorium.